Vancouver Directory for Healthy Living

Vancouver is a city known the world over for living active healthy lifestyles. Where having a yoga membership seems to be a requirement for residency, people are more likely to spend their weekends running on the seawall than sitting on their couch.

In the 7 years I’ve lived in Vancouver I’ve taken numerous yoga, aerobic and weight training classes, and used the services of naturopaths, personal trainers, and acupuncturists all over the Lower Mainland.

And while we enjoy the healthy lifestyle, there hasn’t been a comprehensive directory of companies in the health and wellness industry in Vancouver. I’ve been unable to find a directory or website with a listing of all the wellness and fitness services available in the city.  So I decided to make a Vancouver directory for healthy living.

If you know of a company or business that should be listed  please email me and let me know. Thank you and enjoy!

***Please note that my website was hacked – as such I’m busy rebuiling the directory so please be patient